Leveling Up Your Smartphone Photography

You may be puzzled of how others are able to take awesomely beautiful photos of their bodies after completing the program from offerweightloss.com. Perhaps, even that delicious and mouthwatering food photos uploaded by your friend on their social media account. Well seems that there are actually tips and tricks on how you can level up your amateur mobile photography.

It is best to read the next points below if you are serious in improving your smartphone photography.

Setting the Camera’s Focus

Smartphone cameras these days focus automatically on the frame’s foreground. However, it is not always the case with all the photos you take with an obvious subject in it. To be able to adjust where you like your camera lens to have its focus, then after opening the camera app, tap on the screen where you want to sharpen the view.

Say that you are taking a picture of something that’s in motion, it might be hard for the camera to follow the subject and refocus it when needed. Tap on the screen to be able to correct its focus to ensure that the moving subject will get as much focus.

Stick to One Subject Only

Most of the best shots usually have one interesting subject. So whenever you are taking pictures, spend more time in setting up the shot.

There are professional and experienced photographers who say that your subject should not fill the whole frame and that the remaining 2/3 of the photo ought to be negative space. This is true for it makes your subject really stand out.

On the other hand, just make it a point that you tap your smartphone’s screen to be able to focus the camera on the subject. This guarantees that the lighting and focus is optimized. Then to further enhance it, you may make use of apps and filters to make it more vivid or, you may crop it to be able to frame your subject.

Don’t Leave Negative Space

Negative space basically refers to areas between and around your subject.  When taking a lot of empty space, your subject is likely to stand out even more and also evoke more emotions. Negative space can be an empty field, water, large wall or open sky.

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