Tips on Taking Portraits With Window Blinds

Woman posing behind window blinds


Most of us have a favorite picture style or even fantasy photographs. And for most photographers, that is a window-blind portrait.

But there is one little issue. Sometimes when you are getting prepared to shoot this sort of photograph, the weather abruptly just is not working. Got everything ready, however, the sun just will not shine how that you want? We all know a means to get around that. Produce a dark-stripes set up on your home or studio. It is quite simple!

Why Photos Through Window Blinds Popular?

If you have seen some, you are going to know. Since they are black and large compared, they still have solid effects. Nearly every photographer ends up needing to test this out rather intriguing kind of photograph sooner or later. But were you aware you don’t need to await the correct weather and light? You truly don’t. And the choice is straightforward.

I have gone for a somewhat different spin on window-blind stripes. I shot color and picked styling for the version that places lines on her clothes lying perpendicular to the traces of darkness.

What Type of Blinds?

You may use virtually any type. Their length and width will determine how broad or long the last shadow is. Additionally, it is important to get a thing to hang them and naturally sufficient distance before and behind them.

I discovered some reddish window blinds which were approximately two inches. I attached to the identical structure that I usually use for dangling out paper wallpapers, after which I illuminated them.

The Procedure

What are you going to require?

  • Window blinds
  • a durable light
  • space Where You Are Able to adjust the mild

I was able to locate reddish blinds, however, in the long run, I discovered their color did not play a role. (However, I may even use them afterward as a good prop or as a “peephole” to your version in some different kind of photography).

I utilized a modeling lamp for light. However, you may also use a typical room lamp or whatever elicits continuous light and that is more powerful than the light within the room. Ideally, you’re going to want to get dimmed light resources and create near-darkness.

I had nothing but bad experiences with flashes. They drove poor shadows or none in any way. So I flipped the modeling lamp because of the highest output. Additionally, I discovered that the light’s angle along with its space from the dividers is significant also. I had the lighting in the midst because I desired perspective streaks. But should you place your lighting source so that it’s shining from over, the shadows may create stripes.


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The closer the model is to the lighting source along with the dividers, the thinner and more challenging the shadows would be. With space, shadows are diffused. The angle of the blinds themselves additionally impacts the point of shadows. So place your version in the location where the slope’s soil and to begin turning the blinds prior to experimentation. As soon as you’re happy with the shadows’ width, then you should begin shooting your own images.

A backstage photograph from the studio in which I had been shooting.I picked a lamp using a rather hot light. I coated one window using black fabric, and another, ideal window generated a color comparison for me the back blue lighting. If you analyze this film in detail, you will discover there’s a third light source from the photograph too –a light from above I’d sadly forgotten to turn off. If I had done this, then the version would not have had this soft shadow beneath their lip and nose, as well as the photograph will feel a lot purer. So I would suggest that you double all of your lighting sources.

What Can Alter Windows Blinds Here?

Virtually whatever has apertures and construction –a web, lace drapes, net, even bamboo curtains. With a little bit of skill, you may even create your very own unique shape to be used in your photography. By way of instance, consider gluing shapes on a sheet of glass and utilizing that on your photographs.

Hurry, Discover or Stick Together With Tradition

The same as in each craft, what is most important is exercise. Regardless of whether you’d love to take color photographs as I did so, or opt for the black-and-white shoot that is normal here, constantly look closely at vulnerability. The contrast of shadows and lights makes it a very frequent issue. If you need help with window blinds, visit for more info.


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