Tips For Better Car Photography

It is undeniable that cars are trending globally regardless of the brand and type. While cars were specifically made to meet transportation needs, cars are now also being used for the purpose of photography, street racing, and other aesthetic needs. Regardless if you have a vintage car or the latest model, cars can be among the best backgrounds for model shots. 

Let us also not forget the fact that owning a car is not simple for it has to be maintained, take care of and upgraded when needed. Of course, you wouldn’t want to experience problems whenever you hit the road. If you are a car savvy, you would know exactly what your car needs and which brand to trust when it comes to car components such as engine, car batteries, and battery chargers. You can check on Zena Racing for great reviews on various battery chargers and battery types. 

Every year, we see car upgrades, changing model types and features. And just about every season we see cars in various cover magazines and websites. These days, the more vintage the car is the better it looks in magazines, or in photography themes such as in weddings and others. So do you want to know how to take a good shot using cars as background?

Considerations (Tips) For Better Car Photography

When taking a shot of a car there are certain points you would need to keep in mind to get the best result:

First, you must know that the best time in shooting a car is minutes before sunrise or sunset in order to capture the soft light color on the paint.

Second, be attentive on what is being reflected on the car’s surface, windows, and windshield and mirrors particularly if it is shiny. You need to know that when taking a picture of the car, one of the main focuses is the line or the curve that is seen on the side part. Make sure that there will be no reflection that may ruin it.

Third, when taking a picture of a car from another moving car, be cautious of the speed. It should only run 60km/. Safety should always come first. Also, your camera must be set up into a shutter speed of 1/100th of a second to capture the desired movement.

Fourth, like others, you have to choose the best background that would suit the subject and the theme. Avoid having distracting things that can call the viewer’s attention away from the main focus.

Lastly, when conveying a message to the public, let your car interface with nature. For instance, if you would like to emphasize its powerful engine then perhaps you can take a photo of a car climbing up a hill. These types of pictures are mostly eye-catching to the people.

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