Simple Steps on How to Drink Wine

Drinking wine and tasting wine may sound fundamentally the same to the normal consumer. In any case, there is a contrast between basically drinking wine and having a taste of it, especially if it is a decantador.

In the event that you’d prefer to savor the moment on each drop of wine, you’ll need to follow these 4 stages.


This is about as basic as it gets: take a gander at the wine in your glass to assess its appearance. What you’re searching for are signs to the wine’s quality, age, and body (and to ensure there isn’t something weird drifting in your glass!).

Taking a gander at a wine is a greater amount of an evaluation step for the stars than an approach to improve the experience. It demonstrates the state of the wine and gives pieces of information with respect to the varietal.

The most ideal approach to take a gander at a wine is to utilize a white paper or fabric and to tilt the glass on a 45-degree edge.

2. Swirling

This is an ability that will truly improve your wine tasting experience. Twirling is done in order to Aerate the wine and increment the power of the wine’s Aromas.

To Swirl:

Ensure your glass is close to half full, preferably under 25%.

Gradually make a hover with your glass, ideally one with a stem, on a smooth ledge.

3. Sniffing

Pausing for a minute to smell your wine isn’t only imperative to pass judgment on its quality or condition. The aromas in wine can be exceptionally agreeable and offer signs with respect to what you’ll taste. Truth be told, most of our taste sensation really originates from our nose.

4. Tasting

Presently it’s an ideal opportunity to taste so as to assess the wine’s sense of taste profile and choose if you need to have it once more. Furthermore, as a general rule, you can taste something delectable!

To Taste the wine:

Take a small taste.

Gargle it around your mouth.

Swallow (or Spit into a storage).

Observe the way your mouth feels.

Do you discover components of pleasantness, sharpness, tannins (making your mouth dry out), or high liquor?

To what extent does the taste linger (Finish)?

Did you appreciate the general wine experience?

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