Getting Bored Staying At Home? Start Practicing Your Photography Skills!

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken our liberty to go outside the house to have fun. At this point, there is still the threat of catching the very dangerous novel coronavirus as we go out of the house. This is why the authorities strongly advises that the public should just stay at home, especially if there is no important business to deal with outside.

Seven months into this pandemic situation, people (including me) are already dying to have fun and enjoy outside the house. Doing nothing within these long weeks of quarantine is very tiring and lonely, and it is natural for us as humans to find entertainment, or at least do something that makes us productive.

In this case when going out of the house is still risky, it is best to do stuff that we can enjoy inside the walls of our home. Why not try picking up a new skill that we can use later on in our lives? Why not try photography?

Don’t Be Scared Of Trying Photography If This Is Your First Time

As they say, every professionals started somewhere. It is not like they were born automatically with honed skills and talent. For professional photographers, they have their own humble beginnings. Of course, they also started with very limited knowledge about photography. Heck, many professional photographers did not know most of the buttons and functions of a camera! It is like the only cameras they know how to use are those found in mobile phones under 25000.

Do not be afraid to try photography. Handling a camera may seem intimidating at first, especially if you have zero knowledge of its parts. Nonetheless, you have the Internet to search about the basic parts and functions of a camera. Take time to learn all these things, and then the next step for you is to capture your first social media-worthy shot.

Practice Your Skills By Finding Good Subjects For Your Photography At Home

Who knows, as you practice your photography skills at home, you will be able to set up for very first photography business in your own home! But before all that, make sure that you know everything that you need to know about photography, especially the tricks and techniques.

For starters, start with knowing how to play with the lighting. This is the most basic but very important part of your photography journey. Learn how to use the light in the background to highlight your chosen subject.

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