For Your Photo Shoot, Here Are Some Pointers On What To Wear

If you want to have new photos for your website or social media channels, it is important that you look good! The choice of your clothes can contribute a lot to the success of these photos. So whether you’re going to stand in front of an acquaintance’s camera or a professional photographer’s camera, always choose the right clothing. It doesn’t really matter if what you wear is from Prada T-shirts, or Techwear hoodies, what matters is that you look good and comfortable in your choice of clothing.  Hence this article is about choosing your clothes for a better photoshoot.

Every time someone books a photoshoot with me, the question comes up again: what should I choose as clothing for the photoshoot? Of course, that is difficult for me to tell, so I always give the following tips to achieve the best result:

Choose the best clothes for your photoshoot

Choose clothes for your photoshoot that you feel comfortable in. Clothing that does not fit makes it more difficult to relax during the photoshoot and this will be visible in the photos.

Choose clothes that match what you want to radiate

So if you want to look professional, choose trousers with a nice blouse or jacket. For the men, a suit with a nice shirt is always a successful combination to appear professional in the photos. A tie is not always necessary.

Choose a color that suits you

For example, your favorite color or a color that matches the corporate identity of your company. Entirely in 1 color is not recommended, because then everything will run into each other.

No red clothes!

This is because a camera cannot handle this color well and therefore loses details in your clothing. This gives a very strange effect and is difficult to eliminate. Dark red and all other colors do not have this problem.

Don’t pick colors that clash with each other

If the colors clash with the eye, they will in your photos too. So choose colors that go well together. White, black or blue is always good colors to combine with!

Also, see if you can combine the colors of your clothes with the colors of the location of your photoshoot
If you opt for a natural environment with many shades of brown, then blue clothing will suit you very well. If the location is industrial with many shades of gray, make sure to add color to your clothing yourself. But if the location is very colorful, don’t go overboard with your clothes.

Watch out for patterns

Patterns that are too busy are often disturbing in photos. It distracts attention from you and in small photos, it can make the photo unrecognizable. So rather not choose busy/predominant patterns.

What applies to patterns, also applies to fine stripes and checks

Very fine stripes or checks can give more. That is a kind of rainbow effect in the photo. This is because a camera sees all those small lines, but cannot process them and because of the light, a kind of rainbow effect can occur. This cannot be eliminated, so opt for a plain blouse or jacket or with fewer stripes.

Be careful with texts on clothing for your photoshoot

If you’re wearing a t-shirt or sweater with a text on it, make sure it’s not text that might offend others. You don’t want the first impression you get with someone to be negative!

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