How To Take Great Photos Of Your Kitchen



It is no secret that both kitchens and baths sell houses.

In your function as a property photographer, it is your job to emphasize these spaces to produce the selling of your customer’s home more probable.

Obviously, shooting the highest-quality photos of a kitchen needs a lot more than standing there with your own camera and pressing the camera.

Rather, there are numerous actions which that you want to consider to make sure your kitchen photographs are topnotch.

Within this brief guide, you are going to learn a couple of insider strategies for getting amazing photographs of kitchens.

Prepare and Get

As I discussed within this in-depth property photography tutorial, the preparation, and planning phase is among the most crucial of the full procedure.

Without putting forth the time and effort to get knowledgeable about your clientele as well as also the rooms in their house, you can not possibly know the way to the best strategy for photographing every room.

This does not indicate which you have to devote hours and hours exploring every nook and cranny of your customer’s own kitchen, but a working comprehension of its finest features will merely help you produce the best pictures.

By way of instance, ask your customers if there aren’t any particular characteristics in the kitchen which they’d like emphasized. This might be anything from a customized tile backsplash into a farmhouse sink into updated cabinetry.

Lighting, granite countertops, and appliances (see home appliance reviews and buyer’s guides) along with different characteristics that may be worthy of a close-up, however, do not neglect wider perspective graphics that enable potential buyers to find the lay of this land and study the distance for a whole.

Quick Hint: in the majority of property photography scenarios, you would like the kitchen to become tidy and clean. In the event you arrive to shoot photographs along with this kitchen is a mess, then it is ideal to have the distance cleaned instead of going ahead with photographs. A cluttered kitchen won’t sell the house!

Tasteful Staging Goes a Long Way

Even though it may not look like a kitchen has to be staged, but it frequently can help enhance the utilitarian sense of the distance.

Espresso may be a very simple matter of including a bowl of lemon into the island along with some cutting board with chopped bread onto the countertops. Fresh flowers do wonders for providing the kitchen a small softness and color.

The purpose of filming would be to improve the way the kitchen seems to prospective buyers – to not overpower them with distractions.

Finally, much less, so point with restraint to prevent removal from the qualities of their kitchen.


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Let There Be Light

Like carrying any type of photograph, photographing a kitchen needs to be ample light.

If at all you can, take the distance throughout the daytime, this way you may capitalize on organic light entering the space through the chimney. If need be, nutritional supplement which organic light by simply turning on the lights at the kitchen. Just bear in mind that the kitchen lighting may change the white balance of these pictures, which is a simple fix in post-processing.

Another matter to be mindful of is that shooting through the daytime implies the kitchen seats will probably be considerably brighter than the remainder of the room.

Even luxury professional cameras can not overcome that gap in bright to dim, so you are going to want to take steps to make sure your photographs are well-exposed throughout.

The remedy to this issue is easy and easy: mount the knots.

Then, assuming you’ve got the right applications, you are able to combine the bracketed exposures with each other to acquire an image that is well-exposed throughout.

Not only is that a fast fix, but it is also a one. In other words, as you’re able to mount and combine exposures, there is no need to buy costly lights, stands, softboxes, along with other light equipment.

Quick Hint: Bracketing and mixing your knots is additionally a time-tested solution to property photography. You’re able to work faster without needing to install light equipment, but you may also cause a more natural-looking photograph. It is the best of both worlds!

Move About the Toilet to Enhance Your Shots

Another crucial idea for photographing kitchens would be to maneuver around the space to present prospective buyers with different points of view. This is particularly essential for houses that have a spacious floor plan, and that means that you may showcase the willingness of the kitchen into the adjoining chambers.

But this ought to be simply standing in every corner of the kitchen.

Rather, have a very minimal shooting posture and utilize a mirrored lens to deliver out the particulars of the ceiling along with the light in the photo.

Also take photographs from a greater standpoint, for example shooting straight down on the kitchen to flaunt its dimensions, the counter material, and display any staging that has already been inserted.

Bear in mind that it’s much simpler to take a lot of photographs and cull the ones which that you do not desire than simply just take too many photographs and need to return. Get the shots you will want and then a number, and you’re going to have a far greater collection of pictures of this kitchen to assist your customers to get the house sold.


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