Why Camera Equipment for Doing YouTube Promo is Expensive?

You do not necessarily need to show genuine interest in the world of photography to find out that camera equipment and gears, particularly the top-tier ones are quite pricy. Well, to start, these pieces of equipment are crucial especially if you are working a promo on YouTube or your portfolio as a professional photographer. Regardless, you ought to have deep pockets to get everything.

Camera Lens are not Cheap

We already know that camera equipment is expensive. However, for this article, we will be focusing on the lens that is used when taking photos.

Design Complexity

While the camera lens may seem a relatively simple idea, each design is unique and sophisticated. This level of complexity is in part because of the function that the lens performs. To give you an example, the main attribute of a camera lens is to manipulate light and focus it as it passes through the camera and to its sensor.

It is able to do this by filtering and bending the light by using several elements within the lens’s body. The clarity, position, curvature, thickness, and shape of these elements need to be calculated accurately. Apart from that, the lens needs to be small enough and lightweight to become usable when it’s mounted on the camera. Fitting the essential components to the lens body is what adding intricacy to the design.

R & D

Yet another element that drives up the cost of quality lenses is the research and development that goes into it. This research involves not just how to develop new lenses but also, to figure out what materials shall be used.

The R & D departments of the company are responsible for finding out what to make. They study new photography trends and reading the market patterns as they develop the lenses. These studies that they do usually involve extensive market research and polling that’s both labor-intensive and time-consuming.

Quality Raw Materials

Whenever a lens is manufactured, it is important for companies to always use the best materials available. This is important for it ensures that the expected function of the lens will be achieved.

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