The Artwork Narrow House by Erwin Wurm

Small house 16 meters long and 7 meters high will be given a place in Oude Kerk

The famous artwork Narrow House by the Austrian artist Erwin Wurm is coming to Delft in the autumn. From October 12, the absurdist version of the birth house of 64-year-old Wurm can be seen for the first time in the Netherlands, in the Oude Kerk.

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This will take place in the context of the retrospective exhibition ‘Pieter de Hooch in Delft. From the shadow of Vermeer ‘in Museum Prinsenhof, during the Golden Age theme year in Delft. Exhibition space 38CC in Papenstraat 5 has persuaded Wurm to come to Delft with his work.

The artist is a big fan of Pieter de Hooch’s paintings. He has already informed 38CC that ‘it is a special contrast that Narrow House will be surrounded by the imposing architecture of the Oude Kerk’. According to Wurm, ‘the church still fully breathes the atmosphere of Pieter de Hooch and his contemporaries, and his artwork reminds us of the ‘stuffy post-war years in Austria’.

The artist’s reconstructed birth house is exactly the same length (16 meters) and high (7 meters). To make the ‘tightness of his upbringing’ and the time in which he grew up tangible, Wurm Narrow House made extremely narrow: 138 centimeters. Not only the house is narrow, so are the things that go with it, such as the bath and the slippers that are in front of it. The artwork is constructed in such a way that the visitor just fits in.

Narrow House was previously an eye-catcher at the Venice Biennale. This summer it can be admired in Marseille and in the autumn in Delft. Narrow House had been located next to the grave of Johannes Vermeer in the Oude Kerk. It had been open for viewing from October 12 to February 16, 2020. According to Erwin Wurm ‘a great honor’.

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