Dutch Artist And Photographers That Amazed People By Their Work

Given the global impact of 17th century Dutch master portrait painters, it may not be surprising that Dutch contemporary photographs give priority to character images. Holland has a number of world-renowned photographers whose style is unique and whose work is immediately recognized. Learn more about the best Dutch photographers today that capture society.

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Anton Corbijn

Tom Wells, Joy Division, Nirvana, Simple Minds, Bjork, David Bowie, Morrissey – Anton Corbijn’s selection of top musicians as the subject of his work seems to be endless. Most of the fingerprints he collects that are closely related to fingerprints are the U2 and Depeche modes. Corbijn helped shape the public memory of the music world by recording the most important contemporary musicians and creating some iconic album covers. Corbijn is also the director and prolific music video director of many of his artists.

Rob Hornstra

Documentary photographer Rob Hornstra has actually launched the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics in 2009. Hornstra was shocked by the news that Sochi, the tropical city of North Caucasus, was chosen as the venue. Participate in the Winter Olympics. In 2009, Hornstra, along with journalist Arnold van Bruggen, began his career in the Sochi region for the next five years and took him to the start of the Olympics. The documentary titled “Sochi Project” is now a series of photos and is widely known as a breakthrough in modern slow news photography.

Hendrik Kerstens

The Golden Age of Dutch art is definitely a 17th century portrait and continues to have a profound impact on lowland artists. The pictures of Hendrik Kerstens are inspired by the works of this period, especially supermarkets such as Johannes Vermeer. One day, after Kelsten’s daughter Paula removed his riding cap and presented his headnet, he realized that the photographer would create a perfect theme for a portrait of a photo inspired by a Dutch painter . Since modernizing the popular traditional image of the 17th century, he has shot Paula and others in the style of that era.

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