Sell Your Photos Online Even If You Are Not A Pro Photographer

Some time ago I started selling photos online. What? Earn money selling photos? First of all, I am not a professional photographer and actually, only take pictures for myself and occasionally a small photo order. I also like to take photos a lot when I’m traveling. But something like that sells. Can I make money from my travel photography photos? Selling your own photos online on agency websites sounds like an attractive additional income. So it is worth trying to deal with selling photos online.

Sell ​​photos through professional online stock photo agencies

Of course, there is the photographer’s own online shop. The own shop is, of course, a great thing plus you can create and sell online courses on photography that can earn you added income too.

I mean selling photos online but selling them through professional online picture agencies, so a stock photo or microstock agencies. The reach at established stock and microstock agency and the opportunity to reach millions of potential buyers worldwide sounds cool!

How the stock photography professionals do it

Anyone who reads a little into the scene quickly comes across the great German stock photographer Robert Kneschke. If you want to read more about Robert, you should have a look at A few exciting insights about the scene can also be learned from the stock photo guru Steve Harmon. But the classic way of stock photography is not mine. That almost limits assembly line production.

But let’s see if I am accepted as a provider with my photos on classic online stock photos pages.

Requirements for selling photos online

How do I start There are a few hurdles to overcome. First of all, the question: what sells well? Clear answer: it depends. Depending on the platform, different photos are always searched for. Basically, of course, the photo should say something. Because the buyer is looking for a photo, for example, to underline an advertising message or to illustrate an article.

And which image agencies are there? There are large stock agencies such as Fotolia, Shutterstock, Dreamstime, 123rf and iStockphoto. Then there are agencies that specialize more in artistic or authentic photography. Examples include Photocase, (which has recently become part of the Envato network with a long range) or Stocksy. There are also some agencies that specialize exclusively in smartphone photography, such as Foap or clashot. Read more on this topic on ig-fotografie.

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