Photography is losing its value

Are you aware that the reflex camera is no longer the “must-have” to get into photography these days? The cell phone camera is now replacing the expensive, large, and heavy camera. Ultimately, the number of megapixels remains the same for both cameras. The uniqueness of a photo has probably been lost with digital photography. On the other hand, on klikk her site, you can see unique photos of cars that you want to rent.

Why photography has lost its value

Everything has to be recorded

The train journey, the boredom at work, the family walk on Sunday. Take your phone in your hand and open the gallery. For sure you will find at least one picture for every situation described. The fact that photos can now be made so easily is incredibly enriching but also tempts to take in the most unnecessary things. Having is better than need, right? And the digital image doesn’t cost a cent.

A photo is far from enough

Finally, a group picture must be taken. Because in the normal case, it does not stop at a photo. So many are made until everyone is really happy with their facial expression.

Publish and share

After the photo has been taken, it must be presented and shared immediately. Whether on Instagram, in WhatsApp status, or in the family group. Did you actually take the picture for yourself or for the others?


Another trap that modern photography sets is that photos remain a digital medium. Until they finally cause such excessive demands in full clouds that the individual photo among the thousands of others then finally loses its value. Few of them nowadays bother after a vacation to sort the pictures, develop them and keep them in an album. Why also? It is enough if pictures take up the cell phone memory. Then why also the bookshelf?

The second picture

Since cell phone memory is already full, you can be glad that there are apps like Snapchat. Pictures are taken, sent to friends, and deleted immediately. A picture is taken so that it will be forgotten again anyway. Isn’t that the last warning that should show you how valuable a single picture is to us today?

Photography should tell a story that words cannot grasp, describe a certain feeling, or capture an important memory. This is meaningful photography.

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