Photography: Genres You Should Know

If you are into photography then you must know the most important genres.

Types of photography

Portrait photography

The most popular and well-known type of photography is portrait photography because portraits and photos of your loved ones are important mementos.

When creating a portrait, make sure that it always depends on what effect you want to achieve with the photo.

All points of your photo are based on this effect: the pose of the person, the appropriate background and, above all, the lighting.

Landscape photography

Even landscape photography is very popular. Hobby photographers in particular are drawn to the landscape. No wonder, because landscape and nature can be found everywhere.

Landscape photography looks very interesting when you record movement. This gives your photos that certain something. An example of this is the movement of water, which behaves differently depending on the exposure time.

Wildlife photography

Animals are difficult to pick up when they are moving. But it’s precisely this movement that makes the photos so lively and exciting.

In wildlife photography, you always have to be prepared to capture unexpected moments.

Newborn photography

Newborn photography is a hurdle for every photographer. Because here it is important to photograph babies in such a way that they can be safely and safely photographed.

In the newborn photography is photos that are shot within the first 14 days of the baby. Because during this time babies sleep most of the day. This benefits you when taking photos.

Real estate photography

Architects, proud assured rent homeowners, and real estate agents, in particular, are drawn to this genre. Because this is where architectural works are staged.

Real estate photography means not only showing a house from the outside but also photographing the interior.

Art photography

When you photograph art, the light has to be right because wrong exposure distorts what is depicted in painting and creates a wrong color image.

Art photography includes photos of works of art of all kinds, for example, paintings, sculptures or prints.

Documentary photography

Documentary photography is a type of documentation in which the photographer captures a story or historically significant moments, for example.

Food photography

Food photography is currently very popular. Food is nicely arranged in order to present it comfortably for the viewer.

Fashion photography

Fashion photography is used in particular in fashion magazines or fashion catalogs.

Fashion photography can take place either in a photo studio, apartment, or outdoors.

Sports photography

Sports activities and sporting events of all kinds are the focus here. Interesting angles in particular make good sports photography.

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