How Gardening is Linked to Creativity

Gardening is a seasonal activity.  There are jobs to do in every period, but Summer jobs can’t be simply offered in Winter and Winter chores aren’t so fitted to the Spring.

What does this have to do with being artistic you may wonder?

Why, my dear friend, a lot of things!  Creativity has its terms too, and once you start to get that you don’t need to strive against nature, you can start to work with flow and rhythm. All creative projects pursue the same path to the seasons.  Knowing what season you are partaking in is the first step!


Winter is the season for rest.  It’s a deep, peaceful place with the specific storm or blizzard. But it’s from the mystery that our ideas come.  Winter is not a doing time. It’s a thinking time, a planning time, a snuggling up under the doona with a book time. You can’t attack anything to grow in Winter, but it doesn’t prevent you from thinking about Spring, or the harvest you’ll generate come Summer.


Spring is the season to work  It’s the season for establishing strong foundations. You set out your gardens, dig some great fertilizer through them, and start out all your tender seedlings. If you only have a blur plan, Spring is the time where we must finalize the details.  It’s also where we get the stocks we need if we were not able to do that in Winter.


A Summer garden BooShoot Gardens gives a gorgeous gain.  Everything envelopes swiftly and easily, even though strong plants may require additional staking, and you’ll still be arranging the normal jobs – feeding, weeding, tending, watering.

A few of the crops you produce may have to be discarded or written off – an insect might get into your plant, or a bird may consume all your figs.

Artistry, like gardening, has its time.  Of course, you should be like some new manufacturers and develop all your tomatoes in a hot house at best yield year round.

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