Essential Features of Perfect Archery Photo

Once you have already made up your mind and all the equipment needed are all set, then it’s time to take good shots of your bow and arrow. After deciding on this, the next thing to do is to take photos of them by yourself, or hire the work of a photographer. Not all photos will exhibit a good photography composition. That’s why it is better to learn the essential features of a perfect archery photo.

What to look for to have a perfect archery photo?

The following features are important to consider to take good shots of archery images. Check it out here to know more.


Ideally, a photo has a size of about 800 pixels wide. Keep in mind that photos should be taken in the highest resolution as much as possible. In uploading photos of bow and arrow on a website, the photo dimensions suitable for the layout of the site is dictated by the website manager. Knowing this, you can reduce the photo to a smaller one if it is larger, but do not enlarge a smaller photo.

Photos that are pixelated or blurred are already turn-offs right away.


Facial expressions shown in a photo can make an image lively ten times from the original. Photos of people showing excitement in trying archery may make others become excited too. In addition to the photo’s resolution, the expression is the next important feature to consider. Yet, expressions may be lost once photos become pixelated. It is advisable to use images of people holding bows and pulling arrows and ensure that they are smiling while shooting archery.

Telling the side of the story

This simply shows your selling range but enlightens the emotion of the subject to connect to the viewer. You can show photos of youth archers or celebs with bows and arrows and aim at a certain target. Another story suggestion is two archers having fun with each other or highlighting Robin Hood.

Rule of Thirds

This rule in photography incorporates interest in photos of archery the moment an archer is placed close to the intersecting grid line. The Rule of Third is mostly utilized and one of the best-known rules. Yet, this rule can also be broken. 

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