Capturing Perfect Shots on Old Structures

You should not look at the beauty of the building, what’s more important is to consider the construction of the foundation which stands the test of time.

Old houses, buildings, and popular structures are great photography subjects. However, most photographers find it disadvantageous to use those figures because various people already captured their images way before you.

But, worry no more! Various tips on photography and how to make it better are available for you to learn. Moreover, here are helpful tips and strategies that would allow you to capture a perfect shot of those old structures like no one had ever taken them before.


1. Be prepared and always ready

When you are trying to take a photoshoot of the old houses and structures, it is better to be well equipped with all the needed materials for you not to miss even a single point. Below are things that you might be carrying with you.

Wide-angle lens or telephoto lens

These are very useful in capturing buildings or statues. Every single details will also be captured by these lenses.

Polarizing filter

A photography material like this is very useful during bright sunny days. So better pack this into your bag when planning to take a photo of old structures and houses as this can minimize reflections. Moreover, it can help you in saturating hues and highlight the sky.


Tripod is a handy tool especially in taking panoramic photos. In order to have a better architectural views of smaller images, using a tripod will contribute a big help. Lastly, it is very helpful in case the light condition is bad.

2. Take photos in an early morning

Early morning is the best time to take photos of old buildings, houses, and structures. This is the time that those spots are not yet filled with people and their real beauty can be captured without any disturbance.

3. Capture images in different conditions

Various atmospheric conditions give a on the spot that you are trying to shoot. A night light may give some gloomy effect on old buildings or houses. On the other hand, a ray of sunlight offers a fiery impressions of summer.

4. Consider the image composition

Always remember to take the “golden crop rule” into account if you are trying to capture those old houses and structures. Utilize architectural landmarks present in it.

One example is making use of reflections of sump pump for outdoor in a flooded old house. Just find a way and look for guidelines in producing space illusions like spiral staircase, lines of long spaces shelves or even curve lines.

5. Look back on history

It is good to look and familiarize yourself with some tourist brochures, guides, and websites of the location that you are planning to shoot prior to travelling there. This will give ideas on how are you going to produce a photographic stories behind those hidden historical details.

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