Best Printers For Small Art Businesses

One of the most important pieces of equipment for any small art business is a reliable printer. But many small businesses don’t have the space or budget for certain printers. Fortunately, there are many models available.

For home or office

Your first job is to evaluate the type of workload you will need a printer with. Some printers can print countless pages every month.  Printers that are office-style are perfect for small art businesses and offices worldwide.

If you’re a home-based professional artist or art student, you may need a printer that can handle light workloads such as monthly expense reports, term papers, and other simple documents. If you plan to use a printer economically, look for a printer with a tiny loading tray that you can store as compactly as possible to free up space for other devices and furniture.

hp m404dn toner

How do you choose a small art business printer?

Look for models that can handle heavy workloads over time and come with the technical features your office needs. If speed is particularly important to your business, look for high pages per minute as well. If you need color, monochrome models are not for you. It’s also a great idea to look for printers from dependable brands such as HP that come with broadly available ink or toner like hp m404dn toner.

What is the best type of printer for a small business?

It really depends on the business. Corporations that have to do a small amount of excellent printing for flyer campaigns and the like should stick with a reliable all-purpose model. Companies that print a high volume of pages but are not as concerned about quality should look for an affordable laser printer.

Inkjet vs Laser Printers: What are the Differences?

Ink cartridges use ink cartridges and laser printers use toner cartridges, which are essentially made of dried ink powder that is applied with heat. Generally speaking, laser printers are slightly faster, more affordable in the long run, and better at handling heavy workloads, while inkjets are smaller and better with colors. Depending on your artwork to print, you can choose either an inkjet or a laser printer.

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