Art has existed since the beginning of time, as evidenced by cave paintings and rock art, and while we all recognize that art will be a significant economic force in the future, we continue to debate the price of the art. I’ve heard people dismiss art by saying things like “I could do that” or “I don’t understand it.”

Here are four reasons why I believe we would appreciate art:

1. Art may be a primal human behavior: Making art may be a primal human behavior. Children all over the world instinctively make. Art exists in every culture. Simply put, art could be a part of our identity. We like art because it brings us closer together.

2. Art is Communication: Art, like language, has the potential to communicate precise ideas and information. Art allows us to express thoughts, ideas, and visions that would otherwise be difficult to express. We want art to be able to express itself fully.

3. Making art engages both the body and the mind, giving us the opportunity to look inward and reflect. Seeing art can also make us think and reflect, or it can make us want to get up and dance. Art provides a means of expression, reflection, and interaction with our entire selves. We want art to live long and prosper.

4. Art can be a lesson, a story, a cultural preservation tool, or an autobiography in the making. We want art to understand and share our personal and collective history.

5. Art is a Shared Experience: Making art is a collaborative effort. Dance, theater, and choir all require a group of artists as well as an audience. Even the lone painter or poet relies on the painter’s or bookbinder’s craft to help them create art. Art provides us with a reason to gather and share an experience. Art is required to keep us connected.


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