Is Tattoo a Form of Art or a Form of Self Destruction

Any type of body art, bling that you put to your body, graphics billboard, walking billboards, accessories with different ink colors, and other type of art that you put to your body is an expression that cover anything that describe a tattoo. This is something that most people know about tattoos. However, they do not know the emotional part of tattoos.

When I was still a kid, I often see higher students at my school having tattoos. That time I thought of it as something that is uncool because it makes a person looks like someone who is liberated, loves to party, and does not care what other people think about him or her. Then when I got older I realized that getting a tattoo is not always about those reasons. It is also an art form to those people who are passionate on art expression and there is actually nothing wrong with getting one.

When I became more open minded when it comes to tattoos I still prefer to not have one because I always think that it is gonna be hard to remove even though these days, there are gold coast tattoo removal or other companies that provide tattoo laser removal.

Why do People Get Tattoos?

As I have mentioned earlier there are various reasons why people get tattoo such as: attention, simply a form of self-expression, practice to their freedom, to look cool or more masculine, rebellion, asset or self identification and many more.

According to studies, 30% of Americans have permanent tattoo engraved on their bodies. Almost 15 years ago, people thought of tattoo as negative, but these days it is becoming more of a norm.

What is the meaning of your tattoo? 

There are people who put a mark on themselves so as to remind them of something or someone such as a deceased loved one or a family member, a popular saying, or simply a name of a certain person. There are those people who get tattoos to improve physical appearance and enhance their sex appeal. Also, other people use tattoos to promote something or a group affiliation.

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