Finding a Safe Venue for Rooftop Photography via Rooftop Bars

There is something about rooftops that makes it captivating especially for photographers who practice roof photography in exploring various urban settings. Photographers stand on great heights at different angles of the building to get a unique view of the city. Rooftop photography can even make dull details such as chimneys and skylights look aesthetically appealing.

Actually rooftop photography already has a dedicated fanbase of rooftoppers mostly coming from members of social media sites like Instagram and YouTube. At dangerous heights and without using safety equipment, these rooftoppers take videos, panoramic pictures, and selfies on top of high altitude buildings, often assisted by a crew positioned from afar. However, rooftopping or roofing can sometimes violate policies, as most rooftoppers are likely to trespass or breach security protocols.

Is Rooftopping Against the Law?

Rooftopping is the act of climbing buildings at great heights with no safety harnesses usually for the main goal of taking pictures that hopefully, will go viral.

Although there is no particular law that forbids rooftopping, but there have been cases when rooftoppers have been charged for trespassing, security breach, and other similar violations. Yet the major worry on rooftopping is its dangerous nature, as many have died or have been severely injured after falling from great heights without any safety harness.

Rooftop Bars as Safe Venues for Rooftop Photography

Rooftop bars are being recommended as the safest alternative locations in which to bring one’s rooftop photography engagements, whether for leisure or for business purposes.

The State of Connecticut for one has a wide selection of rooftop bars with unique views to offer, and to satisfy every rooftopper’s preference. Connecticut not be the most popular destination for a club scene but surprisingly, they provide the finest rooftop bars in the country. To name a few, below are some examples of the best rooftop bars to discover in Connecticut:

  • Pigs Eye Pub – located in the city of Hartford is a themed high-end bar which gives a breathtaking view of Hartford’s skyline.
  • Sign of the Whale is the right rooftop bar for those who want to enjoy as well as capture the sunset as it sets across the Stamford Harbor,
  • Bar 19 located at the rooftop of the Omni New Haven Hotel in Yale, offers picturesque views of the New Haven skyline through huge glass windows.
  • High George at the top of The Blake Hotel is recommended to those who enjoy looking at the beauty of the city’s stunning cityscape.

Commercial Roofing Contractors’ Advice to Connecticut Rooftop Bars

Inasmuch as hotels and restaurants are searching for unique ways of providing guests with a new experience, rooftop decks and bars as an additional aspect in their building, have risen in popularity. Rooftop patios add appeal to the building and help draw more customers. According to studies, customers tend to stay longer at venues with rooftop expansion than those without.

Commercial Roofing Contractors CT business owners consult with, give advice that such an expansion adds stress to commercial roofings. When making plans to add a rooftop bar or patio, CT commercial roofing contractors give the following advice:

Maintenance is important as the rooftop will have double purposes. While it is important that the roofing is fireproof and water-tight, it should also be sturdy enough to carry items as well as hold a greater number of people.

Hiring a professional is vital in checking your rooftop patio as it is different from the regular ground floor patio. Aside from the services of a structural engineer, a professional roofing company employ experts who understand the proper methods of checking the conditions of an existing roofing system.

Rooftop are always in contact with natural forces, which requires materials that can withstand harsh elements, while at the same time strong enough to shield the structure underneath.

Rooftops are designed with a slight slope to drain the water off, which requires expertise of experienced roofer when following the architectural designs of a rooftop deck.

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