Features of a User-Friendly Website

Have you ever left a website because you couldn’t find what you needed? Visitors will not be able to access information and comprehend your argument simply because you have a beautiful design or well-written material. The first step toward achieving your goals and assisting your supporters in taking action is to create a user-friendly website BigCommerce web designer.

When it comes to website functionality, there are numerous factors to consider, and many people believe that these terms carry a lot of technical baggage. We’ll help you define usability and, even better, describe what a user-friendly website looks like so you can spot them.

1. Simple Design

Clean, simple, easy-to-read design is the key to establishing a user-friendly website. You can employ a professional web designer or use pre-made website themes from your content management system to do this. This will assist you in providing users with the information they require.

2. Simple to Use

It will be difficult to navigate your website if it is cluttered with buttons, pop-ups, videos, photographs, banners, and multiple typefaces. Make it simple for consumers to navigate to another page on your website by using simple drop-down menus and logical design. This is essential for both desktop and mobile navigation, as well as accessibility for impaired people.

3. Quick loading time

Before the user clicks the X button, your website has only 3-5 seconds to load. One of the most significant aspects of a website’s user experience is speed, which is also a key SEO component. Users will not accept slow sites and will exit without hesitation.

4. Empowering Calls to Action

Your users will be unsure what to do if your website lacks clear “calls to action.” You must advise them whether you want them to go someplace, purchase something, join up for something, or leave their information.

5. Attractiveness.

It should go without saying that your website must be aesthetically attractive in terms of color, typography, and photos. Make your website distinctive by staying true to your brand.

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