Do-It-Yourself Sprinkler Photography

Who does not love photos? Photographs are remembrance and it capture memories that can be passed through generations. Since it is pandemic and children are not allowed to go outside, it is quite impossible to take photos in a different location. Why not make the most out of the yard with your children playing while the sprinkler is also working. It can also be a fun family bonding. So, how are you going to do it?

Check if your sprinkler is working just fine. if it is broken, lawn sprinkler repair is available and have it fixed right away. The sprinkler will be the main prop and it will definitely add to the willingness of the children to have a lot of pictures.

Choose an appropriate lens for your camera and fix the settings of it as well. The ISO, shutter speed, white balance, and of course do not forget the stand so if you do not have anyone to take a picture of your whole family, you can just set a timer and join your children and your partner in the lawn with sprinkle working.

Make a research of some poses that you can do with your family with the sprinkle effect. It is not necessary to pose all the time or all throughout the shoot. Two to three compulsory poses are already good. The rest of the shots will be candid and genuine ones.

Also consider the background. If you are not confident that no one will cross the street, you can place the camera facing the road. However, if you prefer showing the family home, then place the camera accordingly.

Lastly, do not over edit the photos. If you already have a good camera, adjusting the brightness will already be good. Be creative on collaging the photos in a frame.

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