Things you should know about transporting works of art

If you are thinking of transporting your works of art from one place to another then you should do some things about this. You should hire a professional company for these transport services.  You will love this article because here are the things you should know before choosing a shipping company to ship or transport your works of art.

4 Things you should prepare


Every person knows that paintings are expensive items. You should get insurance for it before transporting it. No matter how well known the shipping company is, accidents can happen anytime.  Insurance will offer you protection against accidents that are not expected.

Use custom housing

You should use a special or customized case for transport. Your work of art should be placed in cases that make it easier for officers in the customs administration to process the artwork. The customized housing should conform to international standards.

Transport by road, air, or sea

If you are transporting in your neighborhood or town then you will likely be using the road for shipping. If you are transporting in foreign countries, you have the option of carrying out transport by sea or air. In addition, you can choose between commercial air freight and air courier services.

If you have a large quantity that needs to be shipped then it is reasonably priced if you ship by sea. But if it is urgent then you should ship by air.


You should choose a shipping company that guarantees that it will get your work of art to its destination with no damage. Your storage facilities should be secured not only with surveillance cameras but with other security measures as well.

Works of art or paintings are your precious property. For that reason, you need to take it to your destination with great care. You should make sure that you choose a logistics company which has a good reputation and experience.

When your images or paintings are in good hands, they will be sent properly and without damage. Without questions asked, you should get insurance to cover accidents as this is your very expensive property.

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