Land Cruiser: Tips For Car Photography

Car photography is more complex than you might think but it’s not rocket science either. However, taking pictures of a car that are simple and clear is much more demanding.

The choice of lens and camera

In general, there is no really bad camera. The really important thing is that you can operate your camera blind and that you are familiar with all the basic settings.

Land cruiser: What is the right camera for car photography?

Even with a small entry-level SLR camera, it is possible to take meaningful photos of the land cruiser and other vehicles. If you also have a few lenses to choose from, such as a wide angle, you are already well prepared. With a wide angle, you can impressively adjust the perspective, the angle of view, and thus the overall effect of the picture. Try out different perspectives of a scene, get closer to stage details, or further away to embed the car in the environment. Just try it.

land cruiser

What is a suitable location for car photography?

The right location for the shoot is just as important as a clean car. You should not park the car on a lawn. In almost every case, a car sitting on grass looks strange because, after all, the normal surface for a car is the road. Therefore, you should focus on solid ground.

Make a list of good car locations

Of course, there are some good locations. What they all have in common, however, is that they are usually not right on your doorstep. Therefore, create a list of really suitable locations for different cars. If you are out and about and happen to find an interesting place, take a picture of it and save the details in this list.

Indoor location

If you photograph a car, this can basically be done in a wide variety of places. Regardless of this, you can of course also take great photos of vehicles indoors. Warehouses, garages, multi-story car parks, or industrial halls are ideal for car portraits. Vehicles don’t seem out of place here.

Outdoor location

When it comes to outdoor photo shoots, there are almost no limits. Whether it’s a large parking lot in front of an imposing building, on a beautiful street, or at an impressive mountain pass. A car can be staged at different spots.

Pay attention to the right time of day

Choosing the right time of day is very important for a car shoot because car photography means painting with light. The golden hour is a time for car photography. So this means a few minutes after sunrise or a few minutes before sunset.

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